We consider access to services important.

  • We accept self pay, OHP, private insurance and an EAP. OHP will not cover couples therapy. 

  • In-network means we accept your insurance. After your deductible is met (if you have one), insurance will pay for most or all of the sessions. 

  • Out-of-network (OON) means we don't take your insurance and you pay the session fee up front, however we will provide you with a superbill to send to your insurance plan for reimbursement or better yet, we will file your claim for you. Your insurance will pay you back for a portion of the session. Not everyone can accept OON from every plan. Please see the No Surprises Act form below if you are choosing to self pay or use OON benefits. 

  • Licensed clinician (stephanie) has higher fees than the associate clinicians due to increased demand and her level of experience. She is not accepting clients currently. 

  • Our clinicians accept Self Pay or OOP, PacificSource Commercial, Providence, AETNA and the Wellspring EAP and OHP / Medicaid (PacificSource Community Solutions, HealthShare, InterCommunity Health and Trillium). 

  • Our admins, Savannah and Becky can help you navigate your payment and insurance needs.

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Do you remember what it was like when you were just starting out? Sometimes folks who have just left the halls of eduction make the best teachers.

Everyone has to start somewhere. We are committed to hiring associates as part of our practice model. These are post-graduate students who are in the process of getting their final license, whether in counseling, clinical psychology, or marriage and family therapy. They have graduated from their program and have two supervisors.
What this means for you: 1. Associates will receive supervision so, two or more clinicians are looking at your case. 2. These clinicians are excited about their chosen profession and are invested in helping you. 
We refer to the appropriate clinician based on client need and goodness of fit. We are happy to discuss this with you.


Goodness of fit between clinician and client is one of the most curative factors in therapy. 'It's all about the relationship.'

We offer a 15-20 minute free consult between clinician and client to determine goodness of fit. We are open to helping you find the clinician who is the right match for your therapeutic needs. We are still in the process of adding clinicians to our practice. If we are not the right fit for you, we will help you find a referral.

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We understand the need to be transparent about finances. Your well-being is essential.

We accept HSA, debit and credit cards. We don't accept cash or checks. 

If using insurance, most services are covered; there are a few services outside of the therapy session that insurance will not pay for. These include: no show or late cancel fees, admin fees, paperwork or letter fees, any court fees, and some consultation fees. 

Note: We have a 24-hour late cancel / no show fee. This is because hold the time for you and the clinician is ready to work with you and the demand is high these days. 


for self pay and insurance


For Everyone to Review

No Surprises Act of 2022 protects individuals from surprise billing. Please select the No Surprises Act button to review this information. If you become a client of our practice, this information will also be sent to you in our paperwork.


For Self Pay or Uninsured Clients ONLY

This information is for self pay or clients who do not have or are not using insurance at all. If you are using your out of network benefits, you are using your insurance, and this information does not apply. Select the button above for information. We will also send this information in our paperwork.


Our Privacy Statement

This information is located here and also in your paperwork if you become a client. This statement lets you know how we protect your PHI or private health information.