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Find the Right Clinician for You

Each person on our team focuses on different areas of mental health care. Some see adolescents, some see adults and some see both. Therapists practice using various styles, have different clinical interests as well as diverse personalities. While each person has specific interests, everyone in our practice is qualified to treat more general mental health problems and concerns. All providers follow the mission for our practice: to treat our clients and each other well and to basically be good humans to each other. Our admin calls us a 'family practice'. One of the best things about our practice is the ability to find the right therapist or to make a change to access someone who is the best match for you.
We are inclusive. We give each clinician the choice how to represent themselves here. Please ask any questions along the way as you search for that goodness of fit between you and a clinician. 
We have a screening form if you want to complete it that we use to help match you to the best therapist.



Licensed Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Owner of our Group Practice, Consultant

I am an optimist, always looking for another way to solve the problem and move forward in life despite the &^%*#!!. I'm a licensed psychotherapist; I have been a therapist for 15+ years and am the owner of this group practice. Born in Europe, I grew up in Asia and the South and moved to Oregon years ago to attend the Doctoral program (PsyD) at Pacific University in Clinical Psychology. I found a fulfilling profession and now call this rainy city my hometown. You may have known me under my previous last name: Brown.

I have been told I am compassionate, direct, honest, challenging and persistent. All of this is true: I don't believe in wasting your time or mine. I want to get to the heart of the matter with you.​ While life can get difficult, sometimes a little help from a professional can make things better. I have always loved psychology and feel grateful to be able to work with inspiring people every day. I value honesty, trust, compassion and personal strength and I hope to use these characteristics and values to provide you with the tools you need in order to seize back your life.

I practice psychodynamic therapy. I will want to get to know you and help you gain insight into who you are and how you relate to others. 

Specialties & Interests: Older adolescents and adults, individuals and groups and teaching clinicians. I do not see couples. Complex trauma, emotional manipulation and personality disorders are my specialties however I have a lot of experience treating many mental health problems and crises. I have worked in my own practice, a group practice, in an agency setting, in a hospital setting, in a clinic setting and in the community. Ask questions; feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you. 

Insurance I take: PacificSource, BCBS, Moda, United, AETNA, Providence, OHP HealthShare, Trillium and Pacific Source Community  Solutions and Open Card. I take actual money and Wellspring EAP.

I am the owner of our group practice and typically see clients on a long term basis so I am unable to take on clients right now however, when I am able to take on new clients, I will ONLY be accepting clients who want to meet in person. I do plan to run my group on 'how to deal with emotional manipulation' in Winter 2024.

We are a team of people who love our pets, enjoy working together and are here to help you!



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