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Each person on our team specializes in different areas of mental health care. Some see adolescents, some see adults and some see both. Providers practice using various styles, have different clinical interests as well as diverse personalities. While each person has specialties, everyone will be qualified to treat more general mental health problems and concerns. All providers follow the mission for our practice: to treat our clients and each other well and to basically be good humans to each other. Please ask any questions along the way as you search for that goodness of fit between you and a clinician. We are in the process of adding new information (pictures and bios) as well as adding more clinicians.



Owner and Psychotherapist

I am an optimist, always looking for another way to solve the problem and move forward in life despite the &^%*#!!. I'm a licensed psychotherapist; I have been a therapist for 15+ years and am now the owner of this group practice. Born in Europe, I grew up in Asia and the South and moved to Oregon years ago to attend the doctoral program at Pacific University in Clinical Psychology. I found a fulfilling profession and now call this rainy city my hometown. You may have known me under my previous last name: Brown.

I have been told I am compassionate, direct, honest, challenging and persistent. All of this is true: I don't believe in wasting your time or mine. I want to get to the heart of the matter with you.​ While life can get difficult, sometimes a little help from a professional can make things better. I have always loved psychology and feel grateful to be able to work with inspiring people every day. I value honesty, trust, compassion and personal strength and I hope to use these characteristics and values to provide you with the tools you need in order to seize back your life.

I practice psychodynamic therapy. 'I will want to get to know you and help you gain insight into who you are and how you relate to others.' 

Specialties & Interests: Older adolescents (15+), adults, individuals, groups and families. I do not see couples or teens under 15 years. Complex trauma, emotional manipulation and personality disorders are my specialties, however I have experience treating many mental health problems. I have experience treating crises, severe mental health issues and have worked in my own office, a group practice, in an agency setting, in the community and in a hospital setting. Any questions, feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you. 




I am originally from Long Island, NY and have called Baltimore, MD home for the last 7 years until recently, when I moved to Portland. I am excited to be here!

I came to this profession by way of my own life struggles and path toward growth as well as learning about my authentic self during the transitional periods in my life. I work best with clients who struggle to understand who they are, where life is taking them, and how to handle all the bumps and road blocks that come with it. Your road map will be different; we won’t rely on mine, but I want you to know I’ve fought my way through too. I believe you have the resilience and moxie to make it too.

I believe to get the most out of therapy, you have to determine that you are sick of being stuck in the state you are in and ready to start making some changes. You are the owner of your life and change has to come from you. I can't change you. I can support you through this change by creating a safe space to help you dig into the root of your feelings, helping you hold yourself accountable and maybe, enjoying some laughs along the way. This is your life!

I enjoy working with adolescents and young adults, helping them become empowered and comfortable in their own skin as they are learning who they are in their life.

Specialization & Interests: Anxiety/Depression, Boundary Setting, Stress Management, High/College/Graduate School Issues, Life Transitions & Purpose, Mental Health related to Athletic Activity & Sports Performance Issues, and Feeling Stuck. These are not the only issues I treat, so feel free to reach out and ask questions. 

Let’s talk! I am a registered licensed professional counselor intern working toward licensure and am happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding my training or supervision. I look forward to meeting you.

"Today I accept that being comfortable with who I am may make others uncomfortable...And that is okay!"@fleurdelisspeaks




I am an Oregon native! Born and raised here, yet there is still so much of this state to explore! I am passionate about nature and the healing it brings. In my free time, I enjoy music, socializing, various nature-based hobbies, learning new recipes and tending to my growing collection of plants. I have a cute cat that brings me joy along with a few scratches. 

I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling from Lewis and Clark Graduate School. I completed many ecopsychology as well as counseling courses. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Portland State University with a major in Psychology.

I am dedicated to helping you experience more self-awareness and an increased sense of peace as you journey through some of life’s most disruptive moments. I practice from a trauma-informed and person-centered approach. I recognize you are the expert on you and what you have experienced. I will work to help you in your process of deciding what meaning you want to make of your experiences as well as how to bring a mindful self-compassionate approach to your life. I use mindfulness and draw on nature and invite it into our work together if this is something you are comfortable with. I collaborate with you to cultivate a space for you to feel safe, seen and valued. 

Most of us arrive in therapy to get some help overcoming old stories. Connection has a way of providing us the opportunity to stretch and grow beyond what we thought possible. This process is not without challenges, and you don’t have to suffer through it alone. This is the gift of therapy. 

Specialties & Interests: I work with individuals, both adults and adolescents, adult couples and groups. My experience lends itself to addressing the following concerns:  grief and loss, trauma, self-esteem, relationship obstacles, addiction concerns, family issues, attachment issues, depression, anxiety, life transitions and more.




I recently moved here from Colorado, have also lived in New Jersey and Texas and am excited to be here! I look forward to hearing about all of the great places in the Portland area and experience Oregon life. I really love learning about different cultures and hope to travel more in the future. In my free time, I spend time with my dog, Mickey, and having fun with friends and family. One of my favorite things to do is to find some fascinating documentary to watch with my dog. 

I have a Master's in Social Work from Arizona State University and my Bachelor's degree from the University of Colorado (in Psychology and Sociology). One of my main interests is looking at how different systems interact with each other including our family systems.

I am going to ask you to talk about yourself and I know that can be really difficult. How do I know? I sometimes struggle with opening up as well. People have told me I am talkative, energetic and friendly; I am and I am also a good listener. I understand it takes practice to get through that initial discomfort and I want to help you feel comfortable in who you are and gain confidence to be yourself. 

Specialties & Interests: I enjoy working with adolescents, adults, individuals, groups and families. The bigger the family, the better! I don’t mind if things are complicated; family life is always complex. I don’t see couples but, will work with parents and the family as a whole. I have a lot of experience working with families and trauma and I love it!

Know that I am direct in my approach and I will provide feedback to you in an honest and genuine way so that I can help you move forward.



Admin and our Front Line for the Practice

Savannah is our administrative assistant and the front line of our practice. She can help you with your questions. She has great customer service skills and enjoys spending time with her dog, Carafa. Anyone knows if they find Carafa, they will find Savannah.