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2023 is almost here!

We need to live in the present, right? We should of course, but we usually can't help but look forward and's hard to really stay in the moment all the time because the moment we think about it....we aren't in it anymore. Buddhists make it look SO easy.

Well, I think the end of the calendar year is a perfect time to stand in the doorway of the past and the future. For us at our group practice and in the profession of psychology and mental health, the last few years have been....tough to say the least. It's been tough on all of us. Despite that, in 2022, we added more clinicians to our practice, going from 3 to 8 therapists. We added more admin staff, from 1 to 2, because insurance is a LOT of work! We let the dogs hang out in the office. We made new friends, met new clients (that is YOU) and worked on being better versions of ourselves in this chaotic world.

As for me, being the owner of the practice and still a therapist, I had to learn a few things and be more of a 'Boss Bitch' and less of an overly flexible kind therapist boss. I mean, we talk boundaries all the time and then, sometimes we forget to practice them in our own lives as clinicians. Why do we do this to ourselves?! Like you and me, our clinicians have to learn to work with new colleagues and set limits in their own lives as well. There is no such thing as the therapist who has the 'perfect life'. If you meet that person, it's likely they can't relate to you. I do work with the best people and they have reminded me to be their fearless leader as well as their colleague. They are also my teachers and my students at the same time. Our practice works with each other and respect and kindness is the name of our (work) game. I am curious as to where you will set boundaries for yourself this year?

Thanks to you for taking the time to trust us. Trust is complicated, we know! We know how difficult it is to find someone who is a great fit. Sometimes, looking for a therapist is like pulling the slot machine handle and 'hoping for the best'. Thanks VERY much for allowing us to be in your lives and we hope this continues into 2023. We really love our profession and behind the scenes, we talk about how lucky we are to be able to meet so many different people from all walks of life. Humans are so interesting and surprising at times!

We hope you have the best New Year and we look forward to seeing you in 2023. We hope you realize you are part of the light that makes the world what it is, even if you don't feel that way every day. To peace, happiness and loving kindness ALWAYS! Stephanie (human, owner, therapist, friend, colleague, supervisor, consultant, family member, sister, mom, daughter, spouse, dog lover....and more, just like you.)


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