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From and Me to a We

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I have been a therapist for some time now and have worked in different locations doing different jobs, all of which revolve around clinical psychology. My mission in work is to use compassion to help others heal from life's injuries, to increase mental wellness and to be a REAL HUMAN BEING along the way. I think as an adult, we are taught to separate our work lives from our personal lives, especially in the field of psychology, but what if ... ???

we love what we do and ...

what we do is part of who we are and ...

who we are makes us able to do what we love ...

is that work or a dream ???

One of my dreams was to start a group practice to be able to reach more people and so, here begins the journey. I am Stephanie Snow, a coffee drinking, art loving, psychology obsessed Buddhist, therapist and real human being trying to do some good in this world and hope you will think about joining me - whether as client or colleague - in this .... dream .... group ....journey to do good.

I think the world is struggling now and often we feel like we don't matter, like our effort isn't enough. It's like putting a penny into the tip jar because it's all we have at the moment. What if everyone put a penny in that jar? What if .... ???

Platitudes alone will never get anyone anywhere. 'Have a Nice Day' 'Dream Big' "Hopes and Dreams' 'Work Hard' We need each other. We need community. Believe in yourself and let's work to include others in our lives. This is why I am taking the chance to go from a Me to a We. Thanks for listening........


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