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As I sit here on this cold evening warming up near the fire with my dog Winston, I am reflecting on what makes the holidays so .... difficult for so many. I often say to those that ask - this is truly a very busy time for mental health and it makes me feel sad. Social media, movies and advertisements play on the festivities to be while promoting the fantasy of the perfect family moment - if we could just get that perfect gift or have that fabulous family gathering - this would be the BEST year! I wonder if this year the reason for the early holiday lights and decorations in the different neighborhoods around Portland are a way to combat the stress in our world and our daily lives?

Depression seems to occur when we look back and anxiety when we look forward. it’s hard to feel calm and stay in the moment we are in now when there is so much pressure to be somewhere else, doing something more fantastic. I’ve gotta say sitting near the fire with my dog, listening to music and reflecting on how lucky I feel to be working in the

field of psychology where so many people have trusted me in their darkest hours seems

small somehow but so very significant as well. This year I have decided to do something different: one, to reach out through this blog and two, to try and make someone‘s holiday season better. I am putting a crowdfunding link on my website and I am asking for soem kind of donation. The plan is to give all of this money to someone who needs a better experience this holiday season - not for more stuff but as an expression of empathy and compassion from us. #dosomethinggood2019 I hope you will join me in this venture. Oh yes, thanks in advance whether you are able to help or not. Your consideration is appreciated.


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