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Therapy for adolescents 15+ years and adults.

We have offices in SW PDX and SE PDX.

Serving anyone who is living or working in our beautiful state of Oregon.
We PREFER in person or a hybrid plan for sessions.


Individual Therapy

        We offer individual therapy to adolescents and adults.       

Individual therapy can increase your awareness of the negative patterns in your life,

help you manage any emotional pain,

reduce symptoms and help you understand relationship difficulties.    

It is useful for individuals who are experiencing problems in living. 

Couples Therapy
Here for Both of You​

We offer couples or relationship therapy to adults in a committed relationship, whatever that may look like.

Couples therapy can increase your awareness of the problematic patterns in your relationship.

Couples therapy help you navigate your relationship status whether dating, living together, married,

undecided, separated or divorced.

Couples therapy can help you improve your current relationship and help you navigate sexual concerns in your relationship.

It requires both partners to be present for sessions as we work together to meet your goals as a couple.​

OHP does not cover couples therapy.

Image by Krzysztof  Niewolny

Family Therapy
Family is what You make it.​

We offer therapy to families.

Families can include the nuclear family, the extended family, stepchildren, adopted or foster children.

Family therapy can address may things

some of which include surrogacy issues, coparenting with separated or divorced families,

estranged families or adult children wanting to deal with family of origin issues, sibling or parenting issues.

Family therapy requires we work together to meet your goals as a family.

OHP covers family therapy, whatever your family make look like.

Group Therapy
We are All in this Together

​We offer group therapy to adolescents and adults.

Group therapy can increase your awareness of your interpersonal dynamics and relationship patterns in your life, help you manage any emotional pain and increase feelings of connection to others.

It can be supportive, therapeutic and psychoeducational.

Group therapy is often useful for individuals who are experiencing longer term problems in their lives.

Research shows group therapy is effective when combined with individual therapy.

Our groups are always changing so check in with us!

We are going to post new groups on our website as soon as we are ready to begin them.


With Stephanie

If you are interested in professional consultations around the following topics: personality disorders, crisis management, or emotional manipulation, contact Stephanie Snow

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