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We are working hard to give you access to mental health care. Our admins will check your benefits however, here is information for you as well. 


Accepted Payment Methods• American Express• Discover• Mastercard• Visa• Health Savings Account (HSA)

Some services are Not covered by any insurance:

Appearance in court $1500 per day (despite length of appearance)

Letters or extra paperwork $40 per 15 minutes

Consultation with other providers $40 per 15 minutes; this MAY be covered by insurance.

Case management $40 per 15 minutes; this may be covered by insurance.

Records $40 or up to amount allowed; this may be paid by someone else (e.g. disabilityservices)


No Show or Late Cancellation Fees $175 (<24 hours before appointment unless it is an emergency or you are to ill to switch to telehealth). Insurance will NOT pay these fees.


Questions to ask regarding your insurance company regarding your in network (INN) benefit coverage?

What are my outpatient in network mental health benefits?

Do I have mental health insurance benefits?

Do I have a co-pay or a co-insurance and what is the amount?

What is my deductible and has it been met?

How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?

Do I need a prior authorization for services?

What is the reference number for this call, and who am I speaking to?


Insurance Out of Network (OON): Only licensed clinicians can accept OON.

Please contact us to find out whether we can accept your insurance out of network. We can often accept these plans for licensed providers.


Questions to ask regarding your insurance company regarding your out of network (OON) benefit coverage?

What are my out of network benefits?

How can I get reimbursed for sessions I pay for with an out of network provider?

* We will bill any out of network (OON) plans for you. *

Don’t get discouraged. If you need help navigating this, give up a call. We have awesome admins who will help you sort this out. Insurance and payment is almost always a

frustrating endeavor.

Image by Joey Kyber
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