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Find the Right Clinician for You

Each person on our team focuses on different areas of mental health care. Some see adolescents, some see adults and some see both. Therapists practice using various styles, have different clinical interests as well as diverse personalities. While each person has specific interests, everyone in our practice is qualified to treat more general mental health problems and concerns.

All providers follow the mission for our practice: to treat our clients and each other well and to basically be good humans to each other. Our practice manager calls us a 'family practice' instead of a group practice. One of the best things about our practice is the ability to hopefully find the right therapist for you or even to make a change in therapist to access someone who is the best match for you.
We are inclusive. We give each clinician a choice in how he/she/they will represent themselves here. Please ask any questions along the way as you search for that goodness of fit between you and a clinician. 
We have a screening form below to complete that we use to help match you to the best therapist.

Image by Bryce Evans

Our Team @ PWGPDX

Meet our team! We have a group of fantastic therapists and admins who work here. We value each other and also helping you! Select their names under their photos to see their bios. 

Image by Maria Orlova
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